Pssst ... Over here!

This is Joy writing to you on the QT about the secret society project I’m working on and trying to launch on Kickstarter before the society finds out and shuts the whole thing down. Both the 1881 upstairs-downstairs novel that features the society as well as a subsequent exposé about the group were previously published, and immediately both were mysteriously pulled from publication.

 Did the secret society have something to do with it? Your guess is as good as mine!

If you could back (support) the project, you would be instrumental in getting the truth out about the puppet masters who run our world would at last come out! Plus, you'd have access to oodles of rewards not available anywhere else.

I'm writing today to get a sense of who wants to be part of the in-the-know inner circle with the hope you can pledge your support on launch day, February 28. You can give as little as a dollar. Showing the project has backers is what attracts other backers, and you won't be charged until the project meets its goal.

It goes without saying, "sharing" the project via social media and email will be hugely helpful as well.

Together we can bring this secret society out of the shadows. Fill in the brief form linked here to be notified when the project goes live. Let's do this!