Historical Novel

It was while doing basic research for this historically based upstairs-downstairs story set in a great house in 1881 San Francisco that I first came across the society. At the time, I thought the organization sounded fun and whimsical. Those notions were about to be shattered.

Switching to more light-hearted topics, here's the premise of the novel:

What would you do if you found out there was a secret society that treats the rich and powerful like pawns—and they have their eye on you?

Lady’s maid Emmeline Spencer is about to face that very question when the Nob Hill mansion where she works in 1881 San Francisco loses its head servant and the household is thrown into chaos.  

In a world that is upstairs-downstairs-upside-down, it’s hard to know who are your allies or enemies; and not everything is at is seems.  

The 62,000-word story is set at the estate of Charles Crocker, one of the Big Four robber barons who created America's railways and were the 'royalty' of their era. Little did they know they were just tiny pieces in a global game.