If you've never backed a Kickstarter campaign, you may wonder what it is and how it works. In short, it is a means of raising funds for a specific project—in this case the secret society novel. Kickstarter observes an "all or nothing" approach to funding, so unless a project reaches its dollar goal, it gets nada. So then where do the funds go if a campaign falls short? Not to worry—backers are not charged until the campaign fully funds. So no monies change hands on failed campaigns.

The goal of this campaign is $1847 (and yes, there is significance to that number). Funds will be used toward getting the novel published and fulfilling the rewards listed.

Kickstarter has at last givesn the green light to the project and supplied the following pre-launch preview link:  
For now, the bottoms of this page shows backer rewards being offered. We'll also offer some "milestone" perqs to celebrate our collective success as we go.

  • All who pledge to the campaign on the 1st day (February 28) will learn the name of the secret society. (All others will need to wait until the book releases in April)
  • Once we hit 25% of the goal, I'll release "tea party" recipes from the novel
  • Once we hit 50% of the goal, I'll release "Bard's Ball" recipes from the novel
  • Once we hit 75% of the goal, I'll release a video talking about the 2 original languages mentioned in the novel & exposé
  • Once we hit 100% of the goal, I'll host a secret society induction ceremony at the group's HQ during our April San Francisco trip 
  • If we reach $2500, I'll host a group AMA (ask me anything) audio chat
  • If we reach $3750, I'll added a coded message in all paperbacks to be deciphered by those with the code key
  • If we reach $5000, I'll release the original notes from the Housekeeper's Management notebook
  • If we reach $7500, I'll record a home-spun author narration of the novel that will be available at no charge to Parlour Maids & upper levels
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