page updated 12 Jan 2023
I'm spilling the tea on the world's most powerful Secret Society through 3 teas, 2 books, 1 Kickstarter campaign, fundraisers, a packing partea, and a trip to San Francisco

It's time, friends — time for me to make public the particulars about the organization that is trying to stop my 1881 upstairs-downstairs novel (and subsequent exposé) from being published. I am most grateful to the Whimsicalidocious Arts nonprofit for taking up my cause by hosting a book launch party for the project at their Spring 2023 fundraiser. Because of the sensitive nature of the project, it's being rolled out in phases. Here's what to expect:

Throughout March - Regular blog posts emailed on topics of interest such as 1880s fashion, the history of secret societies, the lifestyles of those in service, et cetera. To receive the emails, sign up on the Secret Society campaign form

SOLD OUT Saturday February 04 at 11am PST - First peek at the secret society. Come onboard as we take the train to the Tea House on Los Rios in San Juan Capistrano CA to dish out the particulars of the project and the activities surrounding it. Guests will be required to show "proof" of their trustworthiness as directed in their confirmation email. Guests will receive a secret token for use in official capacities going forward

SOLD OUT Sunday February 05 at 1pm PST - The February 4 event sold out in just under 2 hours, so I'm planning on adding a "Second First Peek" to be held at Tea Rose Garden in Pasadena CA

Tuesday February 28 - We plan to blow the lid off the society with a 30-day Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign designed to get the books back on the shelves, or at least the novel—the exposé will only be available to those who back the campaign at whatever level is best for them -

Friday March 10 at 11am PST - To celebrate what we fully trust will be a successful crowdfunding campaign, we're hosting a Pre-Foolish Fun crafternoon tea to make Midsummer Night's Dream head wreaths for wear at the themed book launch & fundraiser in April. Dream Come True in Long Beach CA is giving us exclusive use of their craft & party room, along with afternoon tea - 

Saturday March 25 at 1pm PST - Basket Case complimentary packing partea for those who volunteer to assemble gift baskets for the auction & drawing at the April 01 fundraiser - at a private residence in Irvine CA (Details to be shared with those who volunteer to make prize baskets. There is no charge)

Thursday March 30 - This is the last day of our all-or-nothing Kickstarter campaign. Spread the word so the truth can be published!

Saturday April 01 at 3:33pm PST - Whimsically-themed Foolish Fundraiser & book launch tea - The Four Seasons Tea Room in Sierra Madre CA is closing down for the day & giving us exclusive use of the entire place to ensure no "outsiders" can infiltrate the proceedings - 

Saturday April 01 at 6:47pm PST / 8:47 CT / 9:47 EST - Whimsicalidocious Arts also hold an April 1st virtual fundraiser on Facebook with opportunity drawings for those unable to attend the in-person party (Details to be posted February 2023)

Friday-Monday April 21-24 OR April 28-May 01 OR May 19-22 - Ride the rails with us to San Francisco where we'll visit the clandestine places mentioned in the books, including the secret society's HQ. Rumor has it there may be an induction ceremony while there. Expect historic tours, fun entertainment, dubious goings-on, and of course afternoon tea. Here's the link for the trip itinerary. And here's the link for the interest form where you can vote for your preferred trip dates as well as indicate the other activities you'd like to take part in -

Saturday April 29 - All physical rewards from the Kickstarter campaign to be mailed (fates willing)

Sunday April 30 - All digital rewards from the Kickstarter campaign to be sent out (tech willing)